Workshop, Ledbury Poetry Festival

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‘Alchemy – how to turn science into lyric’ is a two hour workshop led by Rosalind Hudis whose collection Restorations was published by Seren earlier this year. Poetry and Science are often seen as opposed. Yet there is a long history of poets who had, or have, a vocation in science, natural history or medicine (think Keats) and an equally long history of poets taking inspiration from the methods, mess, magic and matter of science in all its disciplines. In this workshop we shall explore, through conversations around selected examples, some of the ways poets meld the language and meaning making of science into the language and meaning making of poetry. You will then have an opportunity to choose a short scientific text, tip it into the cauldron of your own memories and meanings, and transform it into the first draft of a lyric poem. All you need is paper and pen. No previous scientific knowledge required! Price: £20. For further information and to book visit: