Rosalind Hudis

Rosalind Hudis is a poet, editor and writing tutor who has lived in West Wales for many years. She teaches creative Writing at the University of Wales.

Besides appearing widely in journals, she has published a pamphlet with Rack Press, Terra Ignota (2013) and a full collection, Tilt, with Cinnamon Press (2014) which was highly commended in the 2015 Forward Prize for Poetry.

She has won awards in various competitions, including the National Poetry Competition. Rosalind is a Hawthornden Fellow (2017) and the recipient of a Literature Wales Writers bursary in 2013 and 2018. Her third collection, Restorations was published by Seren Books in 2021.


Work with Ros to develop your poetry on a one-to-one basis. Ros has significant experience in helping writers at all stages of their career. She has provided writing surgeries to undergraduates and postgraduates at the University of Wales Trinity St David's on the creative writing degree programs. She has mentored poets for Cinnamon Press, and to individuals seeking to improve their poetry, or fine tune a manuscript for submission. Ros can offer assessment of a small batch of poems with suggestions of where to go next, through to advice on a pamphlet or collection.


1.Comments and a report on 10 poems plus Ihr zoom session: £100

2.Pamphlet of up to 24 poems

Written feedback and a Ihr zoom session:


3.Collection of up to 65 poems

Written feedback and a 90min zoom session.


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M. Klein's hands, writing.
By: Hans A. ThornerCorrespondence, diaries, drafts of letters and publications, case material, photographs
Melanie Klein
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(Seren, 2021)


This incredible collection from Hudis is an expertly curated, visually transformative delve into the viscera, emotion and obsession of art restoration. Hudis somehow finds infinite ways of exploring the subtle science and agonising art that goes into bringing paintings back from the dead. And it is this personification of the subjects, the metamorphosis of restorer to surgeon, seducer and saviour that makes these poems so immediate and so fascinating.

John-Paul Davies Buzz Magazine

'"I can still remember the day I read my first Rosalind Hudis poem: I sat up because I realised I was in the presence of a rare and powerful voice that demanded to be heard. Ros Hudis is the real deal and this new collection showcases the poet at the height of her powers."

Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch ( from a review of Restorations in The Western Mail)

For more information and to buy the collection, click here.

(Cinnamon Press 2014)


“Pared down and precise imagery, beautifully observed moments and flashes of lyrical writing that is startling and original, mark this accomplished debut. Rosalind Hudis has a gift for taking us straight into the action, often using titles that run into the poem as in ‘Erosion’ or ‘Cheap Pianos’. Form and content work together and there is great use of sound patterning in these admirably controlled pieces that know what not to say, leaving the reader space to enter the moment.”

Cinnamon Press

Terra Ignota
(Rack Press 2013)


“Terra Ignota not only explores an ‘unknown land’, but attempts the immensely difficult task of seeing from both sides of the border between the known and the unknown. And in so doing, the poetry acknowledges both the impossibility of the latter and the utter necessity of trying. Hudis’ musical and poignant writing describes the interaction between those whom society designates as ‘unimpaired’ and those whom it diagnoses as ‘impaired’… What Hudis’ achieves in these poems is a profound empathy with both ‘sides’ of these relationships … Hudis avoids sentimentality by employing an iron grip on reality which, in turn, is couched in an exemplary detailing of the world.”

Ian Pople, The Manchester Review

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