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Writing about the night sky

When I stare up at the Milky Way on a dark night, I experience an overwhelming sense of awe, which is close to a primordial fear. And when I think about what might be out there – what beings might exist out there – the fear becomes tinged with fascination at the resilience of life. …

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Time and Rhyme

Over the course of the year, and particularly at the height of lockdown, I went walking along the same route every day. I’m a country dweller, so this was a route along narrow west Walian lanes shadowed by beech and sycamore but sometimes climbing to high pastureland with views towards the Cambrian mountains. After some …

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Looking Afresh

January is named for Janus, the Roman god of doors who faces both after and before. A vagrant, half-formed time at once cheesy and magnificent in its dark/light transitions. A cauldron time. In the writing life, I think there’s much to be said for playing around in this vagrant space, revisiting the old, stirring it …

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